At The Gold School our mission is to provide a safe and encouraging environment for girls and boys to explore their creativity through dance. 

Not only does our staff of esteemed professionals provide exceptional dance instruction, they also work to inspire each dancer to believe in themselves and celebrate their uniqueness. All costumes, music and choreography are age appropriate and family friendly. Classes are offered in creative movement, kindercombo, ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, contemporary and modern dance.


Since its founding in 1964 by Sherry Gold, The GOLD School has sustained a remarkable reputation as an institution committed to dancers of all ages and abilities.

Acclaimed for her devotion to the consistent growth and evolution of dance education, Mrs. Gold’s pioneering philosophies solidified the foundation that five decades later still serves an ever growing community of young dance artists.

In 1996, the richness of her legacy was passed to a new generation under the leadership of Gold’s son, Rennie. While maintaining the school’s core values and commitment to quality, Mr. Gold relentlessly pursued ground-breaking new programs that have propelled the school to the forefront of dance education.

For more than 50 years The Gold School has prepared young artists for the world of dance. Whether it be college dance programs, concert dance companies, Broadway, film, television, or performing with musical artists, you will find “Gold” trained dancers in all fields of the ever-changing dance and entertainment industry.


The “First Steps” and “Classics” programs represent the founding ideal of the once a week, no audition necessary dance classes for boys, girls, teens and adults, culminating in a professionally produced recital each May.

Our Competition Teams are for dancers who’d like to participate in the world of dance competition without a full time commitment, open to all TGS students age 5 and over.

Through audition or faculty recommendation, the unique “Project Moves” program offers dedicated young dance artists an exceptional array of intensive training and performance opportunities.

6 week Summer Programs begin in June 2019

“NOXBBOUNDARIES” Summer Intensive affords eager students from around the country full week summer programs with the prestigious in-house and guest faculty The GOLD School is so well known for.

You are molding and shaping children into being beautiful dancers and, more importantly, incredible, competent & special young adults.
— TGS Parent