Each year the Gold School proudly presents all its students in our annual recital held the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend with a dress rehearsal the day before on Saturday.

Dancers do not have to participate but it is highly encouraged to get the full benefits of our programs. Our shows are professional and short, the kind even our dads love.


Purchased online prior $21.00
At the door $25.00

Recital costume fees

Does not include: Project Moves*

Due November 17 each dancers will need a costume for each subject they participate in.
Creative movement, Kindercombo, Primary and Hip Hop age 5-11
Intermediate, Senior, Contemporary Hip Hop age 12 & over
$5.00 discount if paid by October 16

Required Shoes

Leather Ballet Shoes
Male: Black, Female: Pink

Tap Shoes
Male: Black, Female: Tan

Jazz Shoes
Male: Black, Female: Tan