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“There is no greater inspiration than empowering children to help other children.”
— Gary Graves


Thoughtful guidance is given to every dancer by a diverse and unique faculty that cares.

Although technical classes include: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Musical Theater, Hip Hop, Conditioning, Pilates and a few other things here and there, most students gain much more than dance training from Project Moves.

Our dancers are unique in their maturity; dancers demonstrate a respect for their art, their teachers and each other. By promoting excellence, passion and risk taking, this unique program provides a solid foundation for any young person, whether their future includes a career as a dance artist or not.

Project Moves currently nourishes the souls of nearly one hundred young artists from all over Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Project Moves Primary

Ages 7 – 10*

Designed with a youthful spirit in mind this program is the cross roads between the Classics division and the MOVES program. Young dancers that demonstrate a natural sense of rhythm, grace, technical abilities and potential are placed in this program to train in a more professional classroom setting. In a caring, yet structured environment, the main focus is Ballet basics as well as proper training in Jazz and Tap.

Students study twice a week, 2 hours each day.

Project Moves Junior

Ages 10 – 13*

Dancers that excel technically with the passion, dedication and desire to pursue serious dance training are selected through auditions and class evaluations. Intensive ballet and modern (Horton and Limon technique) along with jazz and tap classes provide an unparalleled foundation for these young dance artists.

Students study 2 days weekly, 1-3 hours each day with mandatory rehearsals on Saturday afternoons October through March.

Project Moves Senior

Ages 13 & Over*

Students considering dance at the college and professional level are immersed in the technical and performance training required by today’s leading universities, choreographers and companies. Students in this program develop the versatility to perform a range of work and learn the practices and principles needed for success as a dance artist.

Students study in classes 3 days a week, 8-12 hours weekly with mandatory rehearsals on Saturday afternoons October through March.

*Ages may vary


Full-time tuition ranges from $100.00 – $350.00 monthly as programs are specifically designed for the particular dancer’s needs.