A wonderful opportunity for dancers who’d like to dance more than once a week to be part of the wonderful world of dance competition without having to make a full-time commitment.




What are the requirements to participate in TGS Competition Team?

In addition to a separate competition team class on Friday afternoon dancers:

  • Must have teachers approval.

  • Ages 5 and 6 must be registered in a weekly TGS Kindercombo class.

  • Age 7-9 must be registered in a weekly TGS Primary Combo Class that includes: ballet, tap and jazz.         

  • Age 10 and over must be registered in either a TGS Intermediate or TGS Senior Combo Class that includes: ballet, tap and Jazz.

  • All dancers must maintain a 90% attendance rating in all classes. Dancers falling below will be dropped from the team.

  • Tuition must be paid in full monthly.

  • Competition Team Tuition is $54.00 per team monthly (November to March) in addition to monthly class tuition.

  • Each competition team member must purchase a separate costume for each team they are on ranging from child size $75.00 to adult size $85.00.

  • Each competition requires an entry fee ranging for $40 to $60 for each team a dancer is on. Fees are due 1 month before the competition.

When can dancers join the Competition Team? Dancers between the ages of 5 –18 years can register in the Fall for the Competition Team, classes begin the first week in November and end the last week in March.

How many competitions does the Competition Team attend per season? Two competitions per season.

How far does the Competition Team travel for competition? Always as close to the Brockton area as possible.

What are the differences between the Competition Team and Project Moves? Competition Team members enjoy a much lighter schedule of classes and requirements. Project Moves dancers must dance approximately 12 hours per week which includes a full program of classes as well as optional programs.

Are there any additional requirements for Competition Team dancers? No, but we do suggest Competition Team members participate in our Summer Programs.